Falling behind

Updating. I have done none of the things listed above. Not even slightly.

Instead of watching Bond movies, I have fallen prey to the sparkle-loving, giggling group of Twilight watchers and seen the third installment of gay-vampire-falling-in-love-with-extremely-self-obsessed-girl-while-the-actual-hot, under-age-guy-roams-and-jumps-around-the-trees. (Maybe it is time someone asked him to shift to Apna Bharat Desh. Lots of forests, shirtless heroes, homeless tribals, and a healthy dose of mythology will help him).

I have read some books though. A brilliant graphic novel called Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. In two parts – the story of a childhood and the story of a return – the novel describes Satrapi’s growing up years in Iran, the turmoil it faced during the revolution, her coming of age in France, and her return to the country of her childhood. Wrong choices, confusions, doubts, personal triumphs.. ya basically the stuff our lives are about. Good read.

The other one I finished was Disgrace by J M Coetzee. Based in Cape Town, it talks about this womanizing professor’s fall from grace after a nice little ‘not-so-secret’ affair with a student. And how his views on life changes after his daughter is raped. Questions basic viewpoints of life, of race, of dignity.

So that is two novel out of five. Will finish that first I am sure.

I have not started cooking. Unless you count the tea I made for Babu when he came to visit. He did say it was nice, but then he could have said that just to make me feel a bit less unworthy around my own house! Soon, I shall cook. Food. Soon.

Cant think of the others. Not allowed to dance, or walk, or drink (oh, wait. That was not on the list), or this or that.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shibangi says:

    Speaking of omlettes, I make amazing ones… and can stuff them with anything possible. Would be glad to demonstrate and help you with this resolution…. Experimental cooking is something I like myself.

    1. Yes. Yes. Please. I am dying to try out more, uhm, edible stuff.

  2. Anon says:

    If you do get the time, watch Persepolis. In one word – fabulous!

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