One done. Eleven to go.

Even though most of you (that is if anyone is even reading this) will think it’s not something to be put on this list…But hey! Its MY list. And I get to choose the stupid stuff.

Yesterday my friend and I went for a fish pedicure. Now, I am not girly, and I have never done pedicures and manicures and any other type of cures which may exist in the dictionary of the fashionably groomed. But I had reasons. Friend’s wedding. Stuff on discount. Boredom. Really really ugly feet (thanks to my DNA and my incurable urge to keep dancing all the time).

When I say ‘fish pedicure’ I do mean FISH! *squirm*. Imagine some 50-60 little “toothless Garra Rufa” fishes attacking your feet. Before they did touch I was going “its one big mistake. I am not this person. Lets just get out of here before I lose my feet (or at least my dignity) ” in my head. Thanks to my friend I did sit through the whole thing. Very very ticklish. But fun otherwise.

The bonus was that Theobroma‘s was around the corner. And wherever there is New York style cheesecake.. I am there. Jaundice. Fit. Rain shine. Anytime. Theos!!! dream! Ok.. I am straying off the topic.

So I’ll put it in the list of 12 new things. Because I may not do it ever again. And it is a personal achievement. Because I have cried at least half-a-dozen times ( I can properly recall three of them right now) ‘just’ because someone had touched my feet. Yes, like the ‘shonar-kathi-rupor-kathi’ stories I think I have my life hidden and stored in my feet somewhere. So every time I hurt my feet/ touch it I have to jump! So it very well deserves to be included.

And yea!!! My feet look less like I borrowed them from some farmer and more like a normal human beings! ๐Ÿ˜€


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  1. Namit Gupta says:

    Shucks Sohini, I was just thinking about you and decided to go through your blogs when I came across this very old post. Ma, I think you meant: “Lets just get out of here before I lose my feet” and not “Lets just get out of here before I loose my feet” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, why do you think you have ugly feet? I think you have the most beautiful pair of feet I have ever seen. No flattery… sincere.

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