Task: Cooking. Step #1.

What do you do when you are left alone in a big house? I would like to think that normal people throw a party. Or sleep the whole day. Or watch movies which they are ‘not supposed to’ watch. But me. The hopeless person I am, I decide to try cooking. Ok. So, you can’t call it cooking if I am just making cheese omelette’s (this time I didn’t forget the salt) and ham sandwiches. But it should work for now.

So this is the first time this year I cooked. And I hope to learn much much more. Collecting e-cook books and phone numbers of people who teach (in exchange of huge amounts of money, which could very easily treat my tummy in some nice restaurant in Bandra West!)..Cheese n egg

But as it turns out its not very difficult. And seriously its self satisfying to be able to make something which you don’t mind eating. I was telling my friend how gardening (thats what he is doing nowadays) and cooking are great passions to have. Sadly, the only gardening I have done was the little pea pots in school projects and school gardens. And somehow my cooking skills have also been stuck at that age – Maggi!

But I think now is a good time to learn! What with all the Jamie Olivers and Nigella Lawsons on tv. People who make it look easy and tempting. And if nothing else works, then I have the consolation that almost all my friends enjoy cooking.. So i wont die of starvation ever! 😀 Food, Glorious Food…The final product


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