Someone else’s bucket list

According to a list of 101 things to see and do in Mumbai, I should do a lot of amazing stuff as long as I am stuck here (completely voluntary). I got down with the list and realised I have done some of them without realising it. I don’t feel so lost now.

#1 Ride the Gateway ferry – That’s among the first few things to do, when someone comes to this city. My parents did the same – they dragged me to some place called Elephanta when all I wanted to do was go to Essel World (which in my 9-year old brain was the Indian version of Disney Land). However, I remember nothing of either the trip or the caves. So its time I do it again. But since technically (you will hear this logic a lot) I have done it, I will strike it off.

#2 Gape outside Mannat and Jalsa and Galaxy

Ok. Some facts about me which all my friends know. The first hindi movie I ever saw : Bazigaar. The first guy I wanted to marry : Shahrukh Khan, My first dance song : Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen, My words of wisdom (about SRK) when I was 7 : ” His eyes are so dreamy. I don’t know what I’d do with them”, my room walls till my grandmother protested and got them painted had 12 posters/ postcards/ pictures/ stickers of the same man. So. Obviously, I went to Mannat. Gaped. Peeked. Prayed. Nothing happened. And now with his stupid endorsements and my not-so stupid choice of friends, I am not that crazy about him.

I have been outside Galaxy and Jalsa, too. Co-incidentally. I did not gape. I just looked to see and decide if they have enough money and style to show off. ( Which by the way I think is very important. Look at Mukesh Ambani. Tons of moolah. And he makes a flat which looks like it has been made to keep prisoners inside – that also weirdly balanced).

#3 Bet on the horses

I don’t have enough money. 😦 And if I did, I probably still wouldn’t have. But I did go with my uncle’s family to this German thing at the race course. And my aunt’s sister placed a bet on a horse with a lovely name. I am mentioning that it had a lovely name because that was the basis on which she had chosen the horse. It did not win. But we were there – cheering ( as classily as possible for untrained people) with all our might.

#4 Fish at Powai Lake

I am NOT doing that. I like my fishes nicely prepared by someone else. And also the fact that there are crocodiles there are enough to keep me off the property. (Read: Crocodile kills man at Powai lake)

#6 Sip Irish coffee at Prithvi

I HATE COFFEE. Hate it. Will not, cannot drink it. And I have met people who swear by the tea at Prithvis. I have had that. And i am content enough to cut it off my list.

#7 Go For a Heritage Walk around town (Great for those staying at Budget hotels at colaba)

I have gone on unguided walks in the south of the city. All the museums, art galleries, BNHS, NGMA and bank area has been covered.

#10 Play cricket at Azad Maidan

Yes, exactly something I would do. blah!

#21 Browse at the Asiatic Library

This is one of the things I would do eventually. I have gone there innumerable times. But only outside. Mostly to watch the shows which are held at the steps. And the fact that this gets featured in many Bollywood movies, also makes it worthwhile. But apparently it holds an original copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Way to go, bookworms!!

#27 Chew on wada pao

Who hasn’t? I have had it in my galli. I have had it while travelling to Pune. I have had the so-called second-best vadapao at the stall near Dadar’s Kirti college ( trivia: the guy who sells the vada pao there has actually made enough money to send his son abroad 🙂

#28 Guzzle cheap wine at Ivy

Thrice. Cheaper, cheaper, cheapest. With colleagues, with ex and with friend. All times wonderful. And more than the wine, I love the decor. The walls have the written directions to proper wine-tasting, the different flavours etc while the ceiling has little simple maps of wine-producing regions of Napa Valley, Sula vineyards district, and many more. The food to go with it is not so bad either. However, it might not be termed value-for-money.

#29 Walk along Marine Drive

My personal favourite. I like the place, albeit the crowd. And I love the fact that the city looks like a picture perfect New York replica on the other side. And the fact that I saw my first out-on-the-roads photography exhibition here. And I spent fabulous moments here with my pen pal while she smoked and I looked around.

#33 Go flamingo spotting

Almost did this week. Will get to do soon enough. BNHS tours.

#35 Dance with Ganpati

The line has the word dance. So yes, I have done it. Each year. Not out on the roads (only because I did not know anyone). If it was Calcutta I would have been dancing on the streets. Who cares!

#38 Shop to make a difference

I don’t remember exactly what they meant by this, but I am guessing it means buying something from an NGO. So far, I have a bag, a pouch and a Tee – all saying ‘Woof’ – from WSD (for the welfare of Stray Dogs), a kurti from an NGO in Bandra, my current favourite all-purpose jhola from some earth NGO at Kala Ghoda. I am all for happy shopping, see!

#40 Listen to qawwalis at Haji Ali

Technically (I told you you’d get to hear this more often) I did not listen to anyone singing live. But I heard both amazing and horrible CDs being played on the way to the Dargah. And even though my friend was tempted to buy one – for whatever personal trauma that may be) I guess the CDs are never in a clean enough condition to be bought. I did notice a Jugalbandi of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Divine that should be.

#42 Catch a music gig

Since there is nothing specific in this then all the concerts I have attended counts. Special mention : Prem Joshua and group.

#43 Have pao bhaji at Sardar

My cousin mentioned it to me once ( and I have been publicising it ever since) – Sardar has his name in the record books for using the maximum number of Amul butter slabs in a day. Half slab per bhaji and pao. Warning: Keep your calorie conscious friends away. ( Sardar Pao, for those who don’t know, lies just bang opposite the BEST depot in Tardeo. Take a left from Haji Ali and keep going straight till you can smell melting butter).

#44 Ride the longest bus route

I have travelled by bus from Dadar to Belapur. 2 hours I think. And I have travelled from Mumbai to Hyderabad. 12.5 hours. I think that should count for something.

#48 Get a picture with a film star

One picture where you can see Amitabh Bachchan way in the corner. Film Club screening with him as the chief guest 🙂

{That is out of the first 50. And I shall write again soon}


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  1. Jinsy Mathew says:

    Good list !!!!!!! I am happy that you have some ambitions. But the 1 that took the cake was Mukesh Ambani’s house description… Maybe i will give you some more ideas and yes do see the flamingos at the earliest ( u may never know in a few years time there will be buildings there too !! 🙂

  2. Sreetama Datta says:

    Some of them are really interesting! I would like to visit Asiatic library, have wine at Ivy, own Woof t shirts! But I was really surprised to know that ur craze for SRK has lessened! 😦 Kep updating the list!

    1. Sreetama. Let’s not mention this to Megha. She might remove me from her friend list.

  3. Sreetama Datta says:

    hahaha!!! No no no, she’ll never ever do that, but Ambalika might! 😛

  4. Krishna Merchant says:

    This is a wonderful blog, I realized that I have lived most of my life in Mumbai and I have not done some of the above mentioned things may be because I get so engrossed in the day to day life, that I cannot take out time for these things which can be cherished for life. So now I am definitely going to catch up with the writer of the blog and go to Hajiali, which I have passed million times, in fact I lived 10 minutes away during my childhood, but I never made an attempt to go there. How shameful of my self. Thanks for the eye opener…..

  5. Sayani Ghosh says:

    This is one of the best blogs I’ve read!! enjoyed it tremendously!! I would like to point out that the one time I went to Mumbai (i was probably around 9 0r 10 years old)…my parents didn’t take me n my sister to Essel World either…n yes we went to elephanta caves as well (which I cannot remember now without seeing the photo album)…n so its been on my bucket list ever since (doesn’t matter if i do go to Disney World)….n all the other things on this list are things i would love to do and would have been on my own list as well…so i guess the next time I come to India, I’m definitely making a trip to Mumbai n u can be my tour guide (if u’re still there that is) 😛

  6. Rishi says:

    okay, very nice, but this is all tip of the mumbai iceberg kinda stuff! with all due respect 😀
    I don’t know what bucket list you’re referring to but I’m assuming whoever it is, is a veritable turtle. Anyways, here’s some I’d recommend:
    1) Go to a dance-bar. Yes, they still exist. I’d recommend Vilas in Juhu.
    2) Hookahs are the best in Mumbai. I forget the name of this place in Bandra that I went to. It’s basically opne whole night and caters to spoilt rich college kids going there for an after party. But basically, it’s got the best hookah’s ever. Right beside it is a huge Barista.
    3) Gape at Jinnah’s house/ ex-house. It’s unbelievable.
    4) What about getting a pic with the over-hyped Gregory David Roberts of Shantaram fame @ Leopold’s?
    5) Watch an India/Mumbai Indians match at Wankhede?
    okay, so these are all I can think of in my inebriated state. teehee!

    1. Except for the match part, I am up for all of them. Especially the dance bars. Music and dance and colours (and if Bollywood is to be believed, then) money flying around. And the Jinnah fact I didnt know of. Will do.

  7. Kaku says:

    Hey, you write really well ! I enjoyed your takes on all the things you did and didn’t and would and wouldn’t do. The description of the route to Sardar’s pao bhaji beats the one I gave you, like a knife through melting butter (heh heh). Keep up the flow.

  8. ankita says:

    This list is so much more interesting and tempting than the “100 things u do before u die” list.. which was an unrealistic dream with so much of money involved to go around the world..this lists makes u “happy”….makes u feel ah u aint a looser can manage these..n yes u humor in writing has surpassed your facial expressions ths time…thumbs up gal..:)

  9. nehabhat34 says:

    Like it! Strong voice, Shos! It is so personal, yet objective in a way that anyone who does not share the same interests can also relate to it!

  10. Rahul Roy says:

    Loved it.
    i love reading blogs dat adds dis personal tuch to it… instead of jus scribbling down Gyans or hifi Ingrazi!!!
    it was simple, smooth and it connected easily! 🙂
    wl defntly go thru d odr posts Now…
    Kp writing dear 🙂

  11. Sohini Sen says:

    luvd reading it….smple things bt can make 1 so “happy”! d little thngs dat mk u lyk a new city n explore it!wud luv to hav u as a guide! 🙂 keep writing!luvd it!n kp adding mre to d list!looking frward!

  12. Soumya Ghosh says:

    luvd the way of viewing the life….no 1 thinks of these little things…

  13. Abhishek says:

    This is a very well written blog, I could relate to a lot of things when I was in Mumbai.

  14. Ashin Mandal says:


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