Strike three

Since my friends and relatives (those who are technologically aware) keep reminding me that my blog is almost dead, I’m going to give it another shot.

In between all my travelling and trying to figure out what I want to do in life, I think I am moving very, v e r y  s l o w l y on my list of things to be done this year.

However, I did try my hand (..and arms ..and legs) at white water rafting. So what if the water wasn’t really white, and the flow was probably just one fourth of that of Hrishikesh. It was a new experience and a super fun one at that.

The whole thing started with this group, Jumpstart, organising these weekend things. And I had new shorts which I wanted to wear and rafting seemed like a good thing to do (as compared to my usual Sunday routine of wake up-eat-dance-lunch-dance-sleep-dinner-movie-sleep). So me and 2 of my friends packed our bags with food and sat on the Sion pavement for an hour at 4 in the morning. The bus came. Hooligans. Singing songs in some godforsaken language. Making faces. Shouting. Smoking. Laughing in un-ladylike ways. In a word, very much like us.

So now, since these people are fun. And since I get a salary which I dont use in anything even remotely worthwhile, Ill just go and join Jumpstart for Waterfall rappeling, flying fox, treks and whatever!

This makes me wonder why people back home never do these things. Yes, so they don’t have a water body where one can raft. But there are plenty of places where one can go and trek. And get lost. And be found, covered in mosquito bites. And maybe in odd-cases be washed away by some tyrant river. But that shouldn’t stop any of us from venturing out, right? But there lies one big problem. P-A-R-E-N-T-S. Sigh!

This is the most boring post ever. I went to Gujarat. Un-connected? Ya! Fine. It is still better than Poshchim Bongo.


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  1. Samridhi Minocha says:

    hahahah:):) loved your piece especially the ending

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