Task : Cooking. Step #2

For those of you who have been worrying about my intentions of getting married after the cooking lessons at home. Let me clear it up for you. I am doing it because I need to do stuff for my blog. Which says I should be trying out as many new things (I guess I’m slightly changing the 12 new things in 12 months issue) this year as I can.

Also. Cooking does not mean I need to get married. It means I can finally leave the hostel I live in and move to a more hospitable-for-human-beings-and-social-life kind of flat. Or at least a pg where the owners will not stay. And all the cooking means I can survive without the Maggi Masala pack of four.

So I made some dishes, under guidance from my mother and with help from Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal and some other chick called Manjula. Turns out I can be a good manager someday. I did the cooking but at each step I had to run to my mother to make sure the salt was ok the mirchi is not too tez or the oil is not the one which is supposed to be used before shampooing. Most of them came out nicely. Except, maybe, the omlette I made for my dad.

Now, my dad being a heart patient with blood pressure issues, is not allowed to have either egg or salt. So, you can’t really blame me when I forgot (now I saw intentionally and you can’t prove it otherwise) to put salt in it. My dad made a face but ate it. And I think the incident also got the idea firmly planted in his head that I am nowhere ready to be married!!! ( Ting!! Round one! ME!!!)

Also involved within my short-lived life as a cook is the incredible adventures of making ‘Bengali Chatni’. It looked great, it smelled just like my thakuma makes it. And yet it tasted .. well.. not really how it was supposed to be. (My personal guess, it has something to do with those three ‘shukno lonka’ or dried mirchi I had put so lovingly into one bowl). Somsukla, next time I think we should just listen to aunty when she gives instructions instead of telling her to go watch tv!

Not that the next time is anytime soon. After all the jumping around and don’t-come-in-the-kitchen-I’m-cooking and shopping for things which don’t even go in any of the recipes but just have fancy names, I think my mother would just let me sit and enjoy the next vacation. Win-win situation after all!!


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  1. Samridhi Minocha says:

    hahahah…”the oil is not the one used before shampooing”…typical sohu:)

  2. Krishna Merchant says:

    Well as much as you enjoyed your short stint at cooking, I enjoyed reading your blog. It’s like I need to cook so that I can unleash my creative potentials into the food and make people think better and look bigger…. lol

  3. Shibangi says:

    It’s going to be the most fun ride ever from here on. I still have to teach you my specialty – Omlettes stuffed with just about anything… Made them last weekend to a very appreciative pair of gluttons. It awaits your approval now 🙂

  4. Jinsy Mathew says:

    Good attempt !!! I am sure there is a Tarla Dalal inside you too which is waiting to unleash itself 😛 and the above mentioned are the baby steps. Next time when a recipe goes wrong just think you made something new (except when you burn something!) 😀

  5. Sreetama says:

    Versatile attempts! I’m proud of you sistah!

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