The Bird and the flies

Last Saturday, Dec 3, I went for a skateboarding show by Tony Hawk. Hawk holds the world record for being the first person to attempt and successfully do the ‘900’ ( that’s the degree – a two and a half turns in the air) in 1999. Since then he has repeated this feat a couple of times and hoped to encourage Indian kids to take up skateboarding (kindly ignore all the momma-papas shrieking,”pagal matt bano, uchal khud toh waise hi karte rehte ho”, etc).

The good thing about the show was that I got to know a little bit about the sport. I mean, why would I Google it if I never saw it in front of me? And I realised that there are some crazy skateboarders here as well – not professional – but ok, they are trying.

From the marketing and management point of view, I think it was well organised. A crowd dressed in black tees and shorts, or the nice, hep meant-for-bandra-crowd dresses gathered sharp at six. After a 20 minutes wait the show started with Tony and 3 of his friends performing amazing stunts. There was 14 year old Mitchie Brusco who jumped higher than the men and got the crowd cheering the second he would slide down! Andy Macdonald, Brusko and Hawk teamed up for daring triple stunt round. However, in spite of us holding our breath every time Hawk went up on the ramp – he couldn’t repeat the 900. But then, the crowd was matured enough to let it be. We saw what we came to see – a legend in action. So what if the record breaking feat was kept away?


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