Tailor-made at the last minute

Its January again!!! And I’m not done with my list of things. So a hurried, more-tailor made list will be done. Lets see where I stand.

I’m done driving a car. Got my license as well. So now I can sit in the car and not sleep and yet not kill people. However, my dad has very tactfully told me that he will NOT be giving me his car. Which leaves me the choice of not driving ever again. Anyway, in Mumbai, why bother?

Do a split. Done done done..ta da!! That’s the best thing I have done this whole year. And I’m trying to work towards it more. Next year I’ll be the desi contortionist.

Read 5 good novels. I’ll tell you the list of the good ones – Persepolis. Ramayana. The Hungry Tide. Disgrace. The Colour Purple. To Kill a Mocking Bird. Only the good books. And many short stories.

Run away from office. Done. Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad and now Mangalore.

Cook. A bit. I won’t die if no one cooks for me anymore. I will grow fat though – since every recipe I have tried has ample amount of cheese in it. Cheese…heavenly cheese. Aaaah!

Sponsor/ volunteer. Did.

Mumbai Marathon. Registrations closed before I could give my name. So. Ill do the next (sneaky) best thing I can think of. I’ll go there and run around with them, wave at the people and smile. So.. a non-registered runner. 6 kms is so very do-able.

French classes. I’m doing it. Refreshing it up a bit at least. Now I know how to say beyond the “hello, how are you” part. And I can also almost tell the different verbs for different genders. Hindi and French. Gender things. Not nice.

Learn to skate or cycle. Hahahaha!!! Have you seen the kids who do it? They are way too light. And I’m ready to learn to cycle still – if no one laughs at me. And if I get training wheels attached. Neither is likely to happen. So I am safe.


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