Random travelling plans

How many times have you heard me saying I’ll give anything to travel the world? Ok. Maybe just Europe? And lately..only Ladakh? I tend to repeat myself a lot, don’t I?

But the idea of going somewhere I haven’t gone before is just too exciting. And especially to a place most people don’t go to. Why would anyone want to visit Singapore, tell me? Except for a wild night out or some amazing street food that I have heard so much about. I would take a place like Estonia or Lithuania over Bangkok and Singapore any day – if so only for the name. And then I would take Rome. For the history, the broken down Colosseum, and for the long skirts and short hair everyone carries with a panache.

Then there is Ladakh. I have no idea what to expect. I consciously avoid reading much about it so that I am surprised when I finally go there. The photographs by so many lucky souls who have gone are proof that every one of them were overwhelmed. So, friends or no friends, money or no money, planned or just .. I shall go to Ladakh.

I would like my friends to come though. I know they can make any trip memorable. Like Sundarban. I have been there some four-five times. (And I have never seen a tiger). But the time when I went with this bunch is the best trip I have had. Ever. We didn’t do anything which we couldn’t have done at another time. We chose to jump into a pond, we went mud – throwing/ fighting in the river, we sat drinking on a broken down boat till late night. We did normal things. But they made it special.

Of course there remains the fact that each of my friends would want different things from the same trip. I would want to talk to the locals, another would want to see the jungles, one would probably buy weed and beer while the fourth will do anything which is ‘fun’. So we will basically roam around the jungles, beer bottle in hand, while I try to chat up the guide and my friend tells me to shut up and teaches me about the pug marks/ feathers/ trees seen around. Ah! I should makes some plans. Once more.


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