Gastronomy on net

My friend from school has recently started her own food blog – quete saveur. Which, I think, is great. So now she can cook in her pass time and put up the recipes online for us to try it out.

For someone like me, who still doesn’t know much beyond boiling maggi, this might be a good thing. Food is what excites me. And every time I see good food, I not only want to eat it, I want to make it myself. This probably started last year when I watched that pretty little movie, ‘Julie & Julia’. Or maybe before that when Discovery Travel & Living (which till then wasn’t known as TLC) showed Anthony Bourdain eating at the most amazing places. Not beautiful, not necessarily unaffordable. But amazing nonetheless.

The fact that food is supposed to look good also was stuffed into my head when I was tiny. In school, tiffins would be packed neatly. In my house, the rice would be set it in bowls so that it took that shape when served. When in Delhi, my friend’s aunt used to garnish daal with boiled eggs. And chicken gravy with cream. Lovely stuff.

Coming back to the point. The blog seems to be nice. And it makes me hungry.


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