People who have Attention Deficit Hyper Activity (ADH) syndrome, have a problem with sticking to one thing for too long. Usually this applies to concentration. But for me it applied to every hobby I had when I was growing up.

I would play with something and then leave them there and go and break something else. I would start collecting stamps and get bored by the third week. I joined swimming, dancing, painting, singing classes and left each of them. I would have quit studies too if it was a more ‘understanding environment’ in my house.

I remember during a particular swimming competition, I was lagging behind. I thought I will give up and just come out of the pool. At least that way I could save time and get the refreshments first. But my mother, who is otherwise a pretty laid back woman, stood up from the stands and kept glaring at me. Every time I would slow down she kept pointing to the end. I had to finish the race – that’s what she wanted me to do. And, either because I was too scared or because I was anyway swimming in the middle track, I completed it. I came second last. My mother bought me a vanilla ice cream and took me on a tram ride as a gift for finishing.

And now, every month I think of quitting my dance classes. I think of lame excuses – missing the bus, unsuitable timing, lack of energy, summers, lack of track pants, etc etc. But then my mother calls up. And I go for class. And during the 90 minutes that I dance, I can’t find a single reason to stop.

So, yes. I am going to keep dancing. No matter how out of sync I dance, no matter if I cant even get a single pirouette turn and land back, or that I have a completely non-existent pointe and that I have been at the same level in my attempt for a 180′ split for the last 3 months. Being more fun? That I will have to work on.


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  1. Jinsy Mathew says:

    I wonder what being more fun means !!!!! If someone said that you are not funny enough then I think that person must be an eternal clown 😀

    1. Eternal clown disagrees. *blow horn*

  2. SR says:

    Arre Jeo. Awesome write up.

  3. Sohini Sen says:

    loved reading it! 🙂 n i knw….watever hapens u wil keep dancing! 🙂

  4. Sreetama says:

    You are already so much fun sistah that you don’t need to quit anything to be fun! As far your dancing is concerned, I would like to say, you can quit dancing but dance will never quit you!

  5. ushamrita says:

    i feel the same way, so often! that means it;s an absolutely normal thing to feel… 🙂
    the next time i feel like quitting, just like that, i’ll remember this post of yours.

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