Gloating about travel

My trip to Kashmir has been an amazing experience. Of course those who have met me after that are trying to hide from me now, because all I do is talk about Kashmir. The people, the food, the weather. Everything.

But I promise this is the last time I’ll gloat so much about it. Ok?

So here it is, my travelogue on Kashmir. It’s not so much a travel piece as an experience piece. Also, an engligh daily there, Greater Kashmir, has published it today.

So.. Here..

Outsider’s view of a paradise valley


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sreetama says:

    Hey really well written article sistah! It seemed I took a trip to Kashmir too! Just loved the last part, everything in Kashmir has two versions, the Indian version and the Pakistani version and in between lies the truth of the valley.

  2. Sohini Sen says:

    truly well written buddy…awsum!had my 1st trip to Kashmir….n trust me…simply loved it n i wish to visit it agn n agn! 🙂

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