Book sale

I am a nerd. And a bookworm. I like books. I like the smell of old books. And the sound of pages turning. I see people on trains/ buses reading and I almost think of talking to that person and asking about the book. I ‘tut-tutted’ at a complete stranger this morning because she was reading ‘Fifty shades of grey’.

So, it is no big surprise that I get a kick out of buying new and old books also. Be it Flipkart, or Crossword or just normal second hand book stalls.

When I was young I used to fantasize about buying new books every week. My uncle, from that side of my family where everyone reads, would buy books every time he had to take a flight or train. And he suggested that I keep money aside (after I start earning) to buy a few books every month. And that is exactly what I have been doing.

Except for months when I find book exhibitions like the one I am going ga-ga about right now. It has been organized by Butterfly books and they have books on every possible subject. Only you have to search the hall meticulously to find the ones you want to read. A friend bought 6 books on a niche subject for 400, I bought 3 fiction for 150. And the books are in perfectly readable condition too.

So here it is. The direction to the jackpot – or the book sale at Sundarbai Hall in Churchgate. Go there. Buy stuff. Lend them to me.

p.s. I drew this map because there was a pen with me and I am extremely bored at work. Then I started blogging. Don’t hold this against me.


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  1. Sreetama says:

    I’m into reading while travelling too! Once I was reading a collection of short stories & a lady sitting next to me asked me which book I’m reading, if it’s good so that she can buy that too! Felt nice! 🙂 Once I was in half a mind to tell another the end of a thriller which she was reading, which I had earlier read! You should’ve stopped the person from reading 50 shades of grey! Poor lady! 😦 Sniffing the books, I do that everytime I open a book!

    Sigh for not being in Mumbai…

  2. Elmer says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting .

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