How to calm yourself after a scary movie (For those who are chicken shit)

I love horror films. I like them to be dark and mysterious. I give special points to directors when they use lots of abrupt sounds and squeaks. What I do not like is make-up. A ghost should not be seen. And if ‘it’ is, it should be someone we could run into anytime, any-day, anywhere.

And I like to be scared. So, even though I know I would probably stay up all night, or that I will keep making random calls to all my friends just to make sure they haven’t turned into zombies, I will watch every scary movie I get.

Zombie movies aren’t my favourite genre. But I still watch them. Dead people walking around looking for brains to gobble up. Hmm. Not a very sale-able idea. But give me any scary creature – oversized crocs, dinosaurs which should logically be extinct, snakes which eat-puke-eat you up… and I shall love them.

When I was 4-5 years old, and my elder sister would watch the weekly horror show on tv with my cousins, I would pretend to be grown up and brave and watch it with them. It is a completely different story that the next morning I would be found crouched under the bed, ardently believing in the Ostrich theory – that if I can’t see the ghost, it won’t see me either.

The other things that got me through are making lists on why the ghosts/ dinos/ natural calamities would not happen to me. Most of the movies I found scary were made in Hollywood. And USA is far from home. And even the Indian ones I watched must have been shot in Bombay. So, I would be safe in Calcutta. No ghost would ever find me here.

If that failed and the ghost did find me, I would use all the known techniques of wooden stake/ ginger-garlic-or any other food item which keeps them away/ a cross-a mantra – anything to keep them away.

That was me when I was 5. Now when I am scared I just remain scared. Logic seems to have an inverse co-relation with my age!


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