The books this month

So this is not a very clear picture since I’ve lent my camera to a friend for her project and my phone has stopped working all of a sudden. (It’s an HTC one series phone which I think has an otherwise nice camera. But apparently a lot of people, across the globe, have faced the same problem – the phone shutting off on its own and then refusing to turn on at all. So while it rests in a service centre in Bangalore, I shall have to do with strategically taken, slightly blurred and shaken pictures from my webcam.)



So anyway, this is my new stack of books. Found again at my favourite not-so-secret book sale. Though I didn’t really find anything I was looking for, I picked up some which I have fond memories of, or have heard a lot of good things about. Like ‘The world according to Clarkson’ – this shall be my first book from Clarkson and I am apprehensive as well as inquisitive about it. Three of the books I picked up have been turned into movies – ‘Chocolat’, ‘The Hours’ and ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ – the first being a favourite (and also giving the blog it’s name).

I picked up two of the books based solely on its cover – Two Caravans (by Marina Lewycka) and Orpheus Rising (by Bateman). The collection of Adrian Mole stories is a second hand copy. But I think I prefer it this way. It reminds me of the time when my grandmother gifted me ‘The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4’ when I was roughly around the same age. The copy I now have is marked with a “To Sarah, Just in case you can’t remember all the words. Love M” in black, cursive writing. I also, surprisingly found Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Sea of Poppies’ which I had been thinking of reading for some time. (The only book of his I have read – The Hungry tide – gave me goosebumps! And I know it may not happen again. But now I have all his written works with me – waiting to be read).

The other books – six remaining from the 14 I picked up – are booker prize or some such prize winners. So they can’t really be bad.

All in all, I am happy about this month’s shopping. (My mother however thinks I should be buying new clothes instead of books. She screamed at me when she saw my denims last month when I was visiting her.)


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