And then, a thousand years of peace.

I have always been one who falls head-over-heels in love with something when I do. And then I am blind to its faults. I cannot stop thinking about it and it makes me smile and glow through the days to come. After some days though, as the details fade from my memory I start finding faults. I realise I went overboard and start feeling crappy about my taste in things and my lack of self-control.

But every once in a while, I read or see or experience something which I know will stay with me for a much longer time than just the following two or three days. Like the ballet recital I saw yesterday.

As part of the Indo-French collaboration project – Bonjour India 2013 – Ballet Preljocaj is performing for two days in NCPA, Mumbai. Yesterday, they showcased their performance named “And then, one thousand years of peace”. With around 20-25 dancers, each maginificent and strong and beautiful, they came on stage and surprised us all.


Now, I am not equipped to do any sort of review. Especially, not that of a dance performance. I will have extreme opinions. And yet, I felt that if I did not write about this, I would not be able to get it out of my mind.

When the dancers came on stage (or rather when the stage lights came on) I could see perfect lines everywhere. Pointes and jumps and beautiful extensions. Jumps which were not clumsy, lifts which were fluid. This is the sort of stuff you watch on television and wonder, how on earth can these people be so perfect? And there I was watching it from within touching distance.

The dance was divided into different pieces – one which showcased passion, one where it was about a parallel love between two men. There was something on knowledge and books and one about… well… mass orgasms. Or that’s what I took out of it. The ending piece had flags of different countries being used as props (earlier the props had been varied – chairs, books, chains, plastic sheets, walls etc). The finishing piece showed the dancers dancing with two little children – the latter mirroring their movements in their own sweet, un-trained ways. By the end of it all, the auditorium was a blur. All I could think of was that I had just witnessed such beauty. It took me a few minutes to realise that people had already stood up to give them a standing ovation.

Berliner Festspiele | spielzeit'europa 10

It is on today as well, in Mumbai, and may soon travel to other cities across India. Given a chance, one shouldn’t let it go. No matter what you understand of dance, or of the concepts used. Like Keats once said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

And till then, here is the link for the trailer of the performance.


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  1. Shibangi says:

    Contrary to your firm belief that I did not enjoy the performance, i did. You forgot the bit where I said “It was beautiful – the movements and the aesthetics were all lovely. But I couldn’t understand it too well.” You were probably still lost in what we had just just witnessed.
    Now as I keep replaying it in my head, I am beginning to understand it just a little more.

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