January things

So. It’s been a sort of crazy month. I was broke by the 10th, thanks to trips planned, cancelled and planned again. And then came the sale season. Clothes and books. And shoes. And more broke.

Anyway. I found out about book sales organised by NGOs and stand-alone book stores. And skipped the ones organised by Crossword and Landmark. And then there were books inherited from a friend who left the city. And a nice, fat graphic novel from an equally nice friend.

The picture will show you the books I bought/ borrowed/ got bribed with this month.


By the way, this morning I read this post by one of my favourite book bloggers. You should give it a read.

I totally agree. A library is extremely important for a person’s growth. I remember the first library I went to had a lovely collection of children’s books. Including tons of Noddy. I was too young to go into the section which had Enid Blyton books, so I would request my sister to issue one on her name. It was also the place where I came across this rhyme,

“Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry,
When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away.”

I think my mother was a bit worried after I started to recite it in front of house guests. Not that they minded. I got plenty of claps and hi/low fives and hugs.

What I remember most about the library were little round tables and cushions for all the children to plop down on and read. They deduced (correctly) that after browsing through a book we may not want to read it. So the reading area was always full. I miss that in libaries nowadays. Why can’t they also include a desk and chairs, comfortable ones, for people to sit and select their books. I could donate a bean bag for the noble cause myself.

I gradually moved on to a much better library for my novels. This was run by 5 men from Kerala – extremely well read and surprisingly un-librarianish polite. The library, though a small one, continues to have the most insane collection of books – with a room each dedicated to children’s books, popular fiction, DIY and hobbies, classics and reference books (never been inside this one though). The membership was a birthday gift from my grandma when I was in fifth and even today, as soon as I reach Calcutta, I go and pick up 5-6 books to read from there. They ask about life in Bombay, I ask about new books. They put down recommendations for me. I plead them to come to Bombay.

Libraries. It should be there. It must be there. What else do you run to during school vacations and for your own me time?


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