The Bong and the sweet-stuff

Why would anyone in their right mind say no to pastries and cupcakes? And cupcakes are sometimes so much better than pastries.

There is this small place near office, Snack in the box, which has really nice, home made-ish cupcakes. When I say home made-ish I mean that the icing sugar actually has bits of sugar in it. It is not perfectly blended and the cake in itself reminds you of the cakes mom used to pack in your lunch box for school. Especially the ones which would have red and pink and blue and green sweet things in it. Closer home, there is an awesome place which is aptly called Guilt Trip. Blessed be the man who opened this bakery. And blessed be the baker who gave us red velvet cupcakes with the right amount of butter in the icing and moistness in the cake.

Then there is the New York Style Cheesecake. Anyone who has ever come to visit me in Bombay, is aware of my obsession for this. So much so that I have dragged my best friend from the airport to the pastry shop with all her luggage and have stared at her like a woman possessed till she agreed that it is yummy.

So you see, I take my desserts very seriously. I am a Bengali. And no meal can be complete without something sweet in Bengal. It comes as no surprise for anyone then, that a dessert shop has managed to become popular with my friends here. Though my mother would take her ‘roshogolla’ and ‘mishti doi’ and ‘lobongo lotika’ over the cupcakes any day, it is still a nice effort.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Mrs Magpie.








One Comment Add yours

  1. P says:

    Oooh, yum!

    And lobongo lotika – that one is the prettiest looking mishti ever.
    Long live Bangla, and long live love for mishti! Drool.

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