Postcards, letters and things in my drawer.

An injury can lead to some very nice things. More time to think about life, more to read the hundreds of books you have managed to collect and arrange and rearrange on your desk, more to paint, to cook, to clean, to catch up with friends. Funnily enough, most of my oldest friends are not ones I can meet and talk to all the time.

I was a shy, albeit naughty, kid. I would never be able to go and strike up a conversation with new people. And even if I did, I would never want to meet them for a second time usually. Therefore I would write to people in some country or the other and exchange photos and gifts and cards through the years. I’m in touch with most of my pen pals, though I talk to them more via email than the traditional letter now. But we still write to each other. And I love getting letters. Nothing makes me gladder about my childhood.


What I still do is exchange post cards. With pen pals or with random strangers. I love picture postcards. And over the years I have collected quite a few. Here are a few of my favourites..

I like postcards which show people. Close-ups especially. And I love colourful and bright cards.








I prefer it when people write on the back and explain something about the picture. Maybe the place, the country, or any festival. Or why the picture was important enough to be turned into a postcard. Something. Anything.

Recently I signed up for a postcard exchange program with a couple of bloggers. And last week I received a beautiful card each from Mauritius and Chicago. In return, I’m sending them a card of the Taj Mahal and another which shows three pot-smoking sadhus grinning happily at the camera.

My favourite cards include one my friend sent from the Spy Mueseum in USA. It’s a world War I poster warning people against trusting women. Ahem! And then there is one my pen pal made for me. It has my face and prints of many of my old letters as the picture. That probably is the best thing anyone has ever made for me. That and the tattoo my cousin designed.


Postcards are the only thing I have collected properly so far. No, I do not know if they have any value (like old coins and stamps) nor do I know if I will ever end up doing anything ‘useful’ with them. But I will continue to buy, exchange and request people to get me postcards from wherever they travel. That will make me a very happy kid indeed. And if any of you want to exchange post cards with me, let me know.


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  1. That’s great. I really love the old school feel of hand written postcards as well, so I try to keep sending them as I travel around.

    1. That’s what my aunt used to do as well. Though back then, we would sometimes receive the postcards months after she would have returned from her trip. It was still a wonderful thing to do and receive.
      So you also take part in postcard exchanges?

  2. I love the sentimentality behind postcards and even the excitement of getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill!

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