Food, lights and happiness

I realised my blog is increasingly becoming full of pictures and not of stories. Maybe one more won’t spoil it too much.

So, yesterday, my friend came from Delhi. We decided to go to this pub called ‘The Daily’. (Now, I should clarify that I have no idea about the watering holes of the city. Or of any other city, for that matter). It’s this relatively new place in Linking Road, Bandra. Now, why should you go there? Because you like to be optimistic. Because you like good news. And also because Chicken Quesadillas never tasted so awesome before.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the ceiling is covered with paper cut outs, framed in neat black, well, frames. I read some of them and they went like this, Petrol Prices cut by Rs 2/ltr, seven year old becomes youngest person to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, drug to cure XYZ disease found. So you see where they are going with this? Their menu card is a humongous page – oddly similar to the newspaper pages you get to edit before sending them to print.


Let’s come to the food now. The drinks are average. The chicken dishes though were scrumptious. Ask the servers (who are all similarly dressed in geeky glasses and smart casuals) for recommendations. I would suggest the Thyme Chicken Quesadilla and the Pollo Italiano. Go ahead, dig in.






I am one who cares about the decor of a place. Which took me a long time to realise. And I love lights of all types. This Japanese place we went to in Bandra, Aoi, has the prettiest lights I could have imagined. Not to mention Haiku and Manga comics on the shelves. The Sushi platter was good. The servers are polite. And the steak was perfect.



Why would I ever consider moving out of Bandra, when every little nook-and-cranny has beautiful eating joints?


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