DIY: Wood Print

I like making things for people, instead of just buying them something. Usually though, I never have ideas or time. But I decided that I should make something special for a friend who is leaving the organization. A talk with my friend over DIY ideas led me to this. Wood transfer printing.

What you need is basically, wood (preferably light coloured), a nice laser printout of a picture you like/your friend likes/both of you like, gel medium for acrylic and mod-podge. Since that’s usually not available in our country, you can try using fevicol and water to make your own varnish. Or use a little bit of cooking oil.



Make sure that the wood is plain and does not have a layer of sun-mica or something.

Apply the gel medium generously, covering every inch of the surface. Also apply a bit on the printout.

Put the printout face down on the wood, evening it out so that bubbles are not formed. I used an expired credit card to push it evenly.

Let it dry overnight.

Wet the surface properly. The paper should come out easily. At least the first layer should.


Keep rubbing it with your finger or a wet cloth or sponge till all the paper has come off. At this point, some of the print may also come off.

Let it dry a bit. If you see it going white, that means there is still more paper to be removed. Repeat the earlier step then. Duh!

Apply vegetable oil/ mod-podge/varnish to make the print stay. Voila!!!!

Add a few lines at the back/ side to make it look nicer. You could do a printed line also, using the same technique.

Gift ready!



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