Bookish Crossword Puzzle

A fever can make me very cranky. And very dull. And, very restless. This time I decided to make something. Something which wouldn’t require me to cut and sew and cook and clean. So a doodle would have been fun. Except that I wanted to try something new.

I am one of those people who has never been able to successfully solve a crossword puzzle. I usually read the comic strips, I go through the edit pages and I solve the sudoku. But the crossword puzzle – no matter how easy they are, have always alluded me.

What must be done then? Make one, maybe? So, there. I made a crossword. Easy Puzzle. The words are all book-ish or book-related. Hope you have fun.


(I am putting this up, because I didn’t know that one could generate a crossword in less than a minute on the internet. I did it with a pen and paper and ruler to make things tidy.)

Here you go… Have fun. Shall give the answers in a separate post.


1. Welsh’s novel about drugs and life. Made into an iconic movie. (5,8)

2. The Frank family’s secret annex was located in this city (9)

3. Famous for his work on dream analysis. Also gave rise to the phrase …-ian slip (5)

4. Bilbo Baggins started his journey from his home in ? (3,5)

5. Most popular children’s book author before wizardry became the craze (4,6)

6. Atish Taseer’s book on Kashmir (4)

7. I travelled with an orangutan, a tiger and a hyena. (2,5)

8. Natural disaster which led the book ‘Last days of Pompeii’. (7)

9. Japan’s famous author who likes to run and had a restaurant of his own (8)

10. I am called Nakata and I can talk to cats. What’s my favourite fish? (3)

11. My father left me an automaton. I live in the railway station. Those who have read the book will know my last name. Those who have seen last year’s movie, may not. (6)

12. Capital of the country in which Arthur Golden’s novel about Geisha life is set. (5)

13. Dragon. Hero. First book in Paolini’s tetralogy. (6)

14. I stayed in Green Gables. (4)

15. My book can make you, ‘curiouser and curiouser’. Just the last name will do. (7)

16. Baggins, Gamgee, Took and Brandybuck are all … (6)

17. The author of Man, Woman and Child wrote many more books. One of them is called … story (7)

18. .. and behold (2) {ok. I cheated on this. There was no literary connection to this word}


1. Fatwa on my head. Yet I managed to get my book made into a film by Deepa Mehta. (7)

2. One half of Tolstoy’s classic (5)

3. The new book of the author of ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ (10)

4. You will find Howard Roark in my book. (4)

5. The land which is connected through the cupboard in C S Lewis’ novels. (6)

6. I am Alonso Quijano. I am chivalrous and I like adventure. However, I must use a new name. I am now known as … (3,7)

7. Douglas Adams has given guidance to all the … ? (11)

8. A naughty pup. A lovely dog. Death. (Jennifer Aniston stars in the movie version.) (6,1,2)

9. South African Nobel prize recipient. Known for his works – Disgrace, Waiting for the Barbarians. (7)

10. Author of that zillion page long poem which I could never finish. Paradise Lost, they say. (6)

11. A landmark travel novel based on my experiences was made into a movie in 2012 starring Kirsten Stewart and Sam Riley. Name me. Not the book. (7)

12. Extremely handsome man (what, that’s not a clue?) who acted in the movie based on the play ‘Everybody comes to Rick’s’. Has one of the most famous parting lines of Hollywood history. (6)

13. ““It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” I stand up to them in the first book. And I destroy the last Horcrux. (10)

14. Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Pooh. I have them all as friends, but I am a boy. (5)

15. Classic by Russian author. 12 year old girl. Stepfather. Seduction.


You can take a printout of this and solve it if you want.


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