Bangalore-Beer-Books and more

My recent trip to Bangalore was more about meeting family and some friends, than about roaming around the city. I am not too fond of city-touring anyway.

However, I did find time to visit the three places I wanted to go to. Mainly because my awesome flatmate told me awesome stories about these super-awesome places. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

But seriously. Toit and Koshy’s were both nice joints. A micro-brewery bang in the middle of the city? What’s not to like about a place which names one of its beers after my favourite boy reporter – Tintin! I also liked it because they had fun coasters – giving you hangover cures from around the world ( for instance one says, “In Haiti they believe in giving back what you get. If you’re hungover, all you have to do is go to the nearest Voodoo Mama and stick 13 black pins in the cork of the offending bottle!”. There is also one on Sicily proclaiming that they swear by peppery sausages made from a bull’s dried penis. Uh. Uhm. Okay). Koshy’s on the other hand was nothing fancy. I mean, really. It’s the old world thing. Wooden tables and checkered table-cloth. Bacon and Eggs, Beer and surprisingly, a nice fish curry lunch. Good stuff!
Koshy's  brunch
But, I was most excited about going to Blossoms. You can only hear so much about bookstores in any city where the booksellers actually know what they are selling. Name a book and they will tell you the author and point out where his or her books are stacked in an already crowded room lined with wooden shelves. They have their new age computers, but of the dozen times my friend and I asked them about different books, they checked it only once – that too, to only check if a copy is still available with them. They know their Rushdie’s from their Faulkner’s. They do not mix up Capote with Murakami, nor Anita Desai with Amitav Ghosh. A room full of fiction – second hand, most of them – and a room for non-fiction (which I didn’t risk going to) is enough to make one forget a lot of the city-like things. Around three hours later I came out from the bookstore with 10 books (actually 7. I bought the latter three in an underground-ish, indie bookshop next to it) for under Rs 2,000 (That’s around $33! I still don’t the conversion rate)
Books this month
While we are on the topic of books, I should also talk about this wonderful thing called farewell. I left the organisation I was with for the last four years and my friends gave me wonderful things. Out of them, there were four nice books (one of which is my favourite-est book of all time – To Kill a Mockingbird. But I don’t mind having a second copy since the first one is with my grandmother who is translating it into her mother tongue – Assamesse) and an awesome Penguin Book Bag!!!

The Book Bag

I think I should stop now. The post seems to have changed directions as many times as my decisions have in the last few months. From Bangalore, to Beer, to books to bags. Whoever said one direction was easy? (p.s. One direction parody by the Key of Awesome. MUST MUST MUST WATCH!)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sreetama says:

    Awesome! I have heard about Blossoms a lot! Really want to visit the city again this time for the book store! πŸ™‚

  2. Megha D'Costa says:

    Beautiful Shoii. πŸ™‚

  3. Nandana says:

    Nice read! Come to Bangalore again and we will explore new places πŸ™‚

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