DIY: braided collar tee

I had this wonderful tee which was a gift cause I love to dance. But then, over the years it has lost its charm. And I noticed this morning that the collar has lost the stitches. I didn’t feel like throwing it away though. So I tried doing some DIY collar make-over.


I made some slits around the original collar. Maybe around 2 inches each? And an inch apart.

I braided them. Taking one loop (A) under the second one (B), and then (B) went under (C)…like that. There are tutorials available for this. But it is fairly easy since I have done this before for another tee back.

Once its braided all around, I sewed the last loop to the tee. I stretched and flattened it a bit. So that it looks less lumpy.


I realised that this tightened the neck a bit and pulled up my sleeves. So I cut off the sleeves to make it sort of like a work-out tee. That’s all there was to it!

There goes one Tuesday!

I know I made a lot of mistakes. I should have chosen a lighter coloured tee. And the measurements were wrong as well. Maybe next time I will try doing two lines of braiding after cutting off the original collar. Or take an oversized t-shirt.


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