Date a girl/ guy who runs

Everyone who likes to run knows about the perks of running. Stronger muscles, better stamina, blah and blah and blah and blah. There are probably millions of articles and blogs on that topic.

But this, my friend, is not about running. This is about falling for someone who runs. And falling for someone while running.

You meet someone during a race. Or a practice session. Or a meet-up. Chances are you are both serious about your health and fitness. Now, one of you might be running for fun, and the other might be doing marathons across the world. One of you might be fast enough to get podium finishes and the other might just struggle to finish a one km loop from the house to the bus stop. One of you might run because he or she loves it and the other does it because she or he never thought she could do something. You are both challenging yourself at something. It is your own personal win. And there is someone who will know exactly how you feel about it.

The fact is also that we hardly have time to meet people and have conversations. And then, you know, how you are told by your grandparents that you will fall in love when you are comfortable being silent with someone also. This is the way to find out. You talk or run silently with someone. You will grow closer together. And fitter. Not to mention that the idea of ‘running into him/ her’ first thing in the morning should be impetus enough to make you get off your bed. No matter how comfy the room is, you know you’d want to be out there also.

But most importantly, this is such an easy deal. You don’t have to dress up. Because, let’s face it, if you have run with someone they have probably seen you at your sweatiest, dirtiest self. They have seen you panting and dragging yourself and have managed to fall for you even then. And while looking at your worst they have also been a part of your best. The moment when you finish a race that you thought you wouldn’t, and in spite of how tired or terrible you look, there is someone who is as proud of you as you are of yourself – that is the moment you know you have a keeper. And you and him/ her would know that no matter how many hundreds of people surround you at the finish line, you have just shared a special moment together which will lay the foundation for a lot of memories to be made in the future.



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