DIY: Touristy gift

After more than a year I went home in February this year. And I couldn’t wait to get there – with mom and the way she would invariably scold me, my dad and how he over-reacts to everything I say or do, and my grandmother who is the silent, strong supporter (who was probably more excited than I was). This is how it happens each year – I get excited about the food my city can boast of, the people I have grown up with and grown to love, the music which sounded loser-like when I was young but I find it peaceful; now. But this time around I also wanted to tell my parents about a boy I have met. And I wanted them to meet him and get to know him and see how wonderful life is with him around.

However, he wasn’t there in that city. To make up for it and to let him know exactly what my life has been about before I met him I made a scrapbook of images/video. I went around all the important places of my city (some for the first time for myself) and visited the people I love. And the net result is a video which made him very, very happy. And in turn, made me the most excited little child this side of the universe.


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