Our world is full of celebrities. Fame comes to those who try and monetize their talent. We look at them with adulation and sometimes jealousy. We wish we had their lives, their singing capabilities, their acting prowess, their rhythm for dance. We are confident that given the same circumstances, we would have done quite as well for ourselves, if not better.

Without taking anything away from them, we must also remember those people who probably do not make us go weak in the knees, but definitely teach us to stand stronger. Our hearts may not skip a beat when we see them in front of us, but ask the goosebumps on your flesh and you will know that they touch your soul much more than the former. The adulation turns to admiration. we look up to them, thinking that if they could do it, then maybe, just maybe, we can to. They don’t always do unthinkable deeds but it is only when they do it do we realise that it is possible for someone to accomplish almost any feat -with grit and determination. They are heroes, everyday ones. Sitting at the bus top. Drinking coffee at the neighbourhood cafe. Reading to his kids. Cooking her meals. Working their 9 to 5 jobs. Inspiring people without knowing it.

And frankly, the world needs heroes – and heroines – even more than it needs celebrities.


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