Best Football World Cup ads

For a long time in my childhood, I never realised that Football is not the national sport of the country. I thought cricket is what people play on television, while football is what everyone plays. School breaks, rainy days, when young and old people meet – everytime. Football was to the Bengali what Fenny is to the Goan. We worshipped Maradona and Pele, and cricket never rocked our worlds as much as this sport did.

So, you can imagine what FIFA World Cup would mean to most Bengalis (Just to be clear, I am not included in this). As the game draws near, this is the showreel we had at BestMediaInfo about the best FIFA ads of the year. Some of them are funny, some not so much. Some are inspirtational.

Starting tomorrow, and for a month, millions of people in every country will be stuck to their television screens. Food will be ignored, party invitations will be declined. Office talks and college gossips will all revolve around who scored the winning goal, how a pass was uncalled for, who will ultimately win. Armchair critics will be in vogue once again. Because, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is here!

So here you go – the 14 best ads from across the globe for FIFA 2014. Let the games begin!


For the rest of the videos click here.


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