New travel website coming up…

Good news guys! I am creating the best ever website for travel. It is my social service project for this year.


My website, let us assume it is called wheelsworld or something unimaginative like that, will be drab, and almost colourless. I will put up articles of course. The kind of titles you will be likely to find will be ‘why India is the awesomest place for people who like noise and air pollution?’, ‘what to see in 1 hour in the deadlist city’, ‘Where to shop in New York so that you realise you can never afford the better life’, ’10 best routes to take if you want to sprain your ankle running in London’.

I know pictures make it more interesting. Theerfore, I will fill it up with awful pictures which spoilt teenagers with selfie cameras would have taken. The kind where the sun and the clouds cannot be seen because of the pollution? The landscape images which show only an inch of the sky and several feet of concrete. Where oceans do not look green or blue and grass in greener on neither side.


It is a work in progress but I shall create it soon enough. Why? Because it is my social service project. I am helping you save your money so that you can invest in some wise, matured investment options. So that you can stick to the dull 9-to-5 job that you have and hate. So that your instagram is only about food. So that dinner and party conversations do not keep changing to the guy who travels the most.

You realise, it’s all a favour. You are going to thank me for it someday. You will.


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  1. Amrita says:

    Fantastic. Let me know if you need help….I can write about “what not to eat when you have nowhere to go” till the end of time.

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