Amazing photo collection from around the world

I woke up dreading this Monday. I have half a month left in this job, my sister has gone back to her house in Bangalore, and my boyfriend is in London. Nothing, and I really mean nothing, could cheer me up. I have a room full of knick-knacks and a furry little cat in the house to play with. But I woke up dreading this day, because I knew (I had decided) that I would get bored soon of this apparent lack of things to do.


And just then, I see this awesome collection of photos on the site ironically called, Bored Panda. These are pictures of children playing around the globe. Some with water, some with clay, some fishing, some racing. Children make the most of their surrounding. A box to them is more than just 6 pieces of cardboard stuck together – it could be a house, a car, an airplane, a time machine. A page is where dreams can come true. And sometimes we should let them show us the way.

This is the site:

I am going to paint today. A couple of terracota figurines. And then do some work as well. I refuse to get bored.


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