Project Post and bringing back letters

Some months back I told my family about Vikas. I wrote a letter to my grandmother hoping that she would do the necessary talking to my family. Sadly enough, the letter got lost after reaching her and I had to tell in when I met her the next time. But she recovered the letter from a bundle of filed pages and read it much later. And she called up to bless me and tell me that she is happy.

A year before that my grandmother had taken the same route to tell me about my grandfather. I was born a year after he passed away and therefore never had a chance to see and meet the man who meant the world to her. And therefore she took to writing letters to me, to tell me stories about how they met, or how one fine day he gave her surprise by taking her for a picnic, or how she was often angry with him for doing things she did not like. I have created an image of them together in my mind because of how I have read those letters. Maybe it is because it comes from her, or maybe it is the written word, but they are the most special gifts she has given me.

But sadly, many people today do not understand what the letter could be. An email can never let you touch a person’s hand, nor can you smell the ink and page after 10 years. A Skype chat will let you see your friend in front, but can you keep it hidden in your diary to bring out in the middle of an especially difficult time when you need a hug? Often a letter is more than just a means of communication. Often it is someone’s heart and soul spilled on pages held together. If someone writes you a letter without having any reason to, you may as well think of yourself as blessed. A letter is when the soul is bare, when they let you see the person they are. Multiple pages filled in cursive or a single page of thoughtful notes are more significant than an email typed in Times New Roman.

Post stamp letter

And thus Vikas and I have started Project Post, where we will encourage you to once again pick up a pen and write to someone – anyone – you care about. If you need help in getting the postcards, we will give them to you. If you need help in writing the letter, we will help you again. We are there to bring back the magic of letter writing. And we are hoping you will give this a chance.

We are on Facebook and we hope you can spread the word and like us.



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