CuriosiTea – the new blog

You know how everyone has a plan B? My plan B is something which will automatically become Plan A when I turn 35. It is what I want to do while growing old. Something which will make me happy and content and yet surrounded by the things and people I love the most – food, books and friends.

I am building a bookshop – someday. Yes, Yes. We all have that dream of having a bookstore, right along side the dream of quitting our job and just travelling, and another one of being happy forever. I am naive and I think I can pull this dream off. Make it happen. Be happy.

My bookshop and cafe is (going to be) called The Indian CuriosiTea. Why? Well. You know, because readers are curious. And I love tea (a cafe owned by a coffee hater would be quite a turn-off wouldn’t it).


And while I plan everything else around it and save up the money, I have decided to start a blog which will keep me motivated. On the IndianCuriositea.Wordpress.Com I will talk about books and food and travel. And I will hope to hear back from other people with similar dreams.

Check the page out. If you like it, hit the follow button hidden somewhere in the page. And till then, be curious. It Did Not kill the cat.


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