The answer to abuse

I do not have a bone to pick. I am generally a calm person, and so even when I read about the most recent rape case in Delhi, I did not lose my temper. Maybe it is a sign of the society having spiraled out of control, maybe it is materialism, maybe it is whatever the media is calling it. But the point is talking about it and discussing it (and also putting up social media status updates) is not going to help. It never has. And I am inclined to believe it never will.

What I feel can help though is to make yourself strong. Teach yourself how to punch someone and not say sorry. Teach your daughter, sister, friend, mother – whoever – to be physically strong. Even if the men are stronger, chances are your kick or punch will catch them off guard.

When I started going to the gym, all I wanted to do was lose weight. I still do. But as more and more such cases come up in front, I make up my mind to not stop till I feel I am strong, till I feel that if something happened I would not have to cower. Till I know my parents sitting in a different city would not have to worry if I have reached home every night.

(And in a very simple, matter of fact way, I do not mean mental strength. That I am sure most of you have any way. I am talking about the simple physical strength. Get fitter. Get stronger. And don’t let anyone mess with you. Or try not to.)

Teach your daughter to be the woman she deserves to be – both emotionally and physically.


Like A Girl

The above video is not in any way representative of the post. I am still putting it up so that we realise how we sell ourselves short every day. Every. Single. Day.


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  1. Sohini Sen says:

    Nice one Sohini..

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