Varanasi as I saw (ate rather)

Its always good to know about the local preferences of a particular city. When in Rome..uhm..I mean Varanasi…this is what we should do.


India is considered as one of the most confounding countries in the world, but travel through its cities and you would find an unparalleled charm of love, interest and culture. Even better are its food (street food and fine dining, alike) that differ from region to region yet indulges your senses.

One such experience I had while strolling through the historic and holy city of Varanasi in North India. It was a treat to the eyes and taste buds alike and that is when I decided to publish my first hand experience, as first blog ever.

Hope this city’s gastronomic extravaganza does attract you and gets you to travel there, at least once. Do share if you have similar experiences:).

I recommend all the places below to manage your hunger craves while in the city.

Reminder: Do not let the ‘health freak’ in you turn into an Orthorexic as there…

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