Travel Diaries: Amritsar


Can you visit the same place twice? I would have answered without batting an eyelid had you asked me this question 5 months ago. But my friend managed to put this doubt in my mind that a small place like Amritsar does not deserve a repeat visit. More than ever now, I wanted to visit the city again – to refresh my memories from 10 years ago and to see if I truly can find something new a second time around.

I remember my visit to the temple a decade ago. I was in school and religion to me was as obscure as it is now. Coming from a school which encouraged us to not worship any idol, I often wondered if I really belonged to any religion after all. Our train had been the Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi where Baba quickly struck up conversations with co-passengers. The couple sitting in front had flown down from New York (in my mind the place where cafeterias had lunch queues and Dinosaurs attacked when it rained) to visit the Golden Temple.

Read the complete story about what left me spell-bound, here.


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