Book Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney


Some things just make you feel like a child. Or at the very least, makes you remember your childhood. It is ironic that this feeling comes to me on mother’s day which should ideally have been about my mom, your mom or just how great moms are in general. Don’t get me wrong. Moms are supercool. The only one who can beat that stuff are the grandmothers. Cause they are all that is good with moms, minus the scolding about perm time. My grandmother let me paint my bedroom in her house. Imagine! My mother wouldn’t let me come close to furniture when I had wet paint on my brush. See!
Anyway. Drifting away. Did I mention that I have been going to the american consulate library in Mumbai? For anyone who stays on the western line and likes to read or has kids, I strongly recommend this place. Why? Because, it is how a library should be. It’s huge. With rows and rows of books. A lot of them is for research and exam prep, yes, but even then you can have your fill of fiction from Kurt Vonnegut to Adichie, from Brian Selznik to Zadie Smith. The best part is there are huge desks and comfy sofas so that you can plonk down and give something a read before deciding to check it out for the next three weeks. All that for 400 a year. Yep. You read right. Rupees four hundred. Aka $ 6.27 . jackpot!!!
So yesterday while plonking with Neil Gaiman’s ‘The graveyard book’ and Zadie Smith’s ‘On Beauty’, I noticed someone has left behind a copy of ‘The diary of a Wimpy Kid’ on my sofa. Now, if there is one thing I cannot resist, it would have to be easy to read books. And man,was this easily engrossing.
The whole book is designed like a diary,uh I mean a journal ( since Wimpy Kid really thought it was one),with some entries and then lots of picture doodles. What struck me was that the wimpy kid seemed like so many kids I knew while growing up. And in some cases he sounded quite like me too. The whole thing about trying to fit in while in school, trying to be cool by well, showing that you didn’t care a bit about being cool, knowing the popular ones from the not-so-fortunate ones etc. We have all been there. The book also made me realize schools are awfully hard on kids. And that as kids we have blown things out if proportion – including the importance of exams. The book, which I finished in a little less than 3 hours, is a reminder to all of that. Like finding one of your favorite candies in the store again and remembering the taste and the fun you had with it.
Give it a read. Especially if you have fond memories from school.



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  1. avrosh says:

    You picked a Neil Gaiman! yay! Will that be my recommendation? 😀
    I read my first Oscar Wilde in British council library (on my friend’s family subscription card) and then I don’t know what happened they closed it down and converted it to books-to-your-doorsteps only kind of library :`(

    1. I know. The british council system isn’t fun. I’d rather pick and choose, and exactly judge the book by its cover. PS I heard of a book by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett together. And now I’m dying to try that out.

      1. avrosh says:

        GOOD OMENS. It’s the wackiest book you will ever read.

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