Of Food and the Road

Why eating local cuisine, even if it means surviving on no-bar Fridays at home, makes travelling worth your while.


Recently, I have been researching a lot on the topic of affordability. I have followed travellers and bloggers and read responses to questions about how to get the money to travel. Sure, we are almost always broke. But there are obviously some people who are doing it smart and doing it right.

My friend Sharmistha Chaudhuri is one such. She loves travelling and is a pretty mean cook. It obviously makes sense then when she talks about the importance of trying out local cuisine in whichever adventure she embarks on. My travelling style is exactly the same – talk to the locals, go where they go, eat what they eat. And only then you can say you have seen a place.

So here is her piece, a splendidly written guest post, about eating the local cuisine in South Asia and Europe.

Cambodian food

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


The smell left me salivating. The…

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