Introducing: The (Not so) Old Monks

I have always been an active child. Active in trying to pull the chair from under the uncle who is about to sit down for dinner, active in dismantling the telephone ( those old things which actually had a dialer) because I was confused whether I should play doctor or engineer today, active in hiding TV remotes, older sister’s clothes, mother’s jewellery and dad’s .. Uh well…I spared him. Basically I have been active in the all the wrong fields. While on ‘the field’, I decided I was more suited to be a cheerleader for friends.

Thus, I don’t blame my childhood friends when they laugh with disbelief on hearing that I have decided to take up running. A little bit at a time. A two km jog which made me look like I was wading through mucky water, converted slowly to a 10 kms run which I finished slowly but with a smile. As the distance has increased, so has my grins ( along with some aches in unmentionable muscles). But I love running more than ever now.
IMG_4475I am no cover girl for a Runner’s World. But I am the one who has proved the worst of her critic wrong – herself! I have set targets for myself which I hardly think I would achieve and I have finished each of them with pride and a sense of accomplishment. And all those other feelings that parents talk about when they ask you to grow up.

Let’s say running has slowly turned into a drug that keeps me happy and high, without ever having to figure out which drink goes with what or will I find a place at the pub.

And thus, it seems apt that a die-hard rum drinker would dedicate the first ever 50 kms Trailwalk to the thing which kept her high some years ago. And now, while the monk looks lonely on the shelf, the running team feels way better than rum and coke ever did on a nice winter evening.

So, why am I telling you about this now? Because we, The Old Monks, are attempting to do our first ever 50K trailwalk/run in a few months. And I need the help of friends and followers and just well-wishers for this. Here’s a link to the Oxfam India fundraising page, proceeds of which will go to help those in need. So, even a little bit from you will count.

I am going to give my best shot for this event. And I will personally thank each of you for whatever way you can help us reach our goal. Because you know, you are nice and I am quite a fun person to hang out with also.


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