Travel Diaries: Bandipur, deers and the thrill of safaris

The lights were lined around the path – or whatever path we could make out in the dark. You see, a reserve forest after sundown is quite a spooky sight without any artificial lights to speak of. Thankfully my phone still had enough charge to run Google Maps. We had been driving for at least 7 hours and had reached Bandipur within the stipulated time, hurrying in parts so that we entered the protected area before the gates close. The guest house we had booked – a Country Club resort located inside the reserve forest – was still a few kilometres away. But the lights gave us some hope that we had, after all, neared our destination.

We followed the path and kept our eyes out for any signage. Suddenly, as we took a turn, the closest lights vanished. And appeared a little way off. We flashed our headlights, slightly jolted by the sudden change. And then we realized, scampering in all directions, was a herd of deer. And the light was nothing but their twinkling eyes.

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