The T-Rex syndrome

For anyone who has followed my Instagram or Facebook feed, they probably know by now that The Old Monks won the 50 km Oxfam Trailwalker. It was fabulous and fun. We were not exceptionally fast or strategically strong. We were, however, committed and not ready to give up. At the 23 km mark, when we couldn’t see another distance marker for a while, we started getting irritated. At 35, we were tired and thirsty. At 40, our knees and hips had started paining. And at 48, we could not believe that the trail would JUST NOT END!

But we finished it. And we smiled through most of it. We fell back, we caught up. We encouraged each other, we joked, we got charged up when we saw other teams, we posed for pictures – we did all that necessary. And finally, when we had finished 50, we most deservedly felt on Cloud 9 (for people who were there, would understand the irony of the situation)!

But from all of this, at least one thing changed for me. I wanted to get better. I wanted to be fitter, or stronger and more in control of my lifestyle. Since then, I have joined a CrossFit class. I am terrible at it. I cannot land a Box Jump properly, my Push-ups are girly, I tire out, I sigh (way too much), and the only time I attempted Pull-Ups, I realized I was just hanging around, without having lifted even a fraction of an inch! But everyday after class I sweat and feel super proud of what I tried to do that day. It’s probably nothing, but I am getting better slowly. And just because I make that much of an effort, I realized I don’t want it to go to waste too easily. I mean imagine working your a** off for an hour, and then gaining back twice the calories with one bowl of Maggi!


I am terrible at following a diet as well. Have never done it. But yesterday after a run, I said ‘no’ to a plate of Cronuts. I did. I surely did.

Super-Proud (and a bit worried about my taste buds now).




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