Five things I hated about the Cursed Child

Everyone i  know is a Potterhead. Which is great. I love thinking that tons of us grew up wishing to be in the same make-believe world. And that after a long break, suddenly someone decided to hand us an early birthday gift. IMG_20160806_112142

Which is great of course. Except when it is not.

I waited to read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Knowing fully well that sequels usually disappoint and things you have loved a lot have a way of changing and you may or may not have changed in the same way.

Everyone should read the book. That’s okay. But rest assured there might be loopholes. Here are a list of things I didn’t quite get or appreciate.

Repeating the old story and just adding the dots

There really isn’t much new information. You are in Godrick’s Hollow. Sure meet up Bathilda bagshot. The lake? Let’s take the gillyweed again. Yawn!

Emo central


Why so emo? Dumbledore cries. Snape is touched to know he has been remembered by Potter. Malfoy is a shit dad who just wanted to be happy. Uh, what?
Also, above paragraph. Harry didn’t have a dad. Not like he did not have a father figure – who else were Mr Weasley, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius and even Hagrid then? Ungrateful Potter!

Where’s the plot, again?

Fan fiction. Let’s show our ‘what if’ situations. Vold comes back. Vold doesn’t come back. Vold comes back. Stop it already! 

Back to the future marries Interstellar!IMG_20160808_005717 Parallel time zones/ alternate reality. Combined with sending a message from the past that someone in the future can see. Sounds familiar?

Isn’t it enough friends (in real life) are actually having kids? or Wrong Priorities!

Old Voldy had a child. Like really? Before the battle of Hogwarts, when he was probably thinking of ways to kill Harry, or protect Nagini.. or a million other things, he decided…ooh I have some time to chill. Come, let’s make a child.

Bonus: Refusing to grow up

Maybe,to be fair, it is our fault..we are the generation that refuses to grow up..and we want to know more about the world we believed existed. But maybe, for the time being just our imagination is good enough.

I know it’s not a lovely book, but it is a very quick read. So borrow/ lend (not worth buying it, according to me) and wait for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to hit the screens later this year. Also, do you have other things you hated about The Cursed Child? Add to the list!





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