Get that pull-up, or get out of here!

Let’s talk about overcoming fears. I have about 12 million of them. Lizards, dinosaurs, getting my nail ripped off while dancing, finding an egg which actually have a chick inside, creepy men in lonely streets/ crowded trains, forgetting how to talk, another heartbreak, my mom if she has had a talk with someone I did not want her to meet and converse with for any particular reason, super spicy food that lets my tummy queasy… the list seems endless. But I am sure 12 million is an approximately close guess.

Of late, my fears have come to me on Thursday nights. I live in India, where the CrossFit Open workouts only get announced by Friday 6.30 am. Which is perfect because you wake up and Mr Castro has already spoken about it.with.a.hundred.pauses.and.hand.gestures.


But post the 17.3 workout today morning (I had a full 30 minutes headsup after the workout was announced) I realized I could lift a barbell over my head without killing myself. Which isn’t a great feat or anything. But it is something I am getting over. So maybe I will also be able to clean and jerk some slightly heavier weights in the future.

Funny my mind is.

Also in the list of things to get over is the fear of Pull Ups. Today morning in the 5 minutes that it took for Castro to announce and till the time the scaled version was updated on the website, I had freaked out, rethought my decision to sign up for the Open, prayed that the scaled involves something like ring rows or something. Last week too, after completing the first round of weighted lunges, knee-ups and cleans, I had 6 minutes to get a single pull up. Nothing happened. Nothing changed.

Except that everything did change. I felt awful. I hated that I couldn’t get my body to sway the way it is supposed to, or my hands to follow my command of ‘be strong and get me up’. I wanted to change it enough to actually go back the next day, no matter how sore I was, to just understand what I can do to jump or kick in the right direction. And this is what I have decided for myself – I will work hard and focus on getting a pull up this year. Or two. Or many. But I will do it.

Get that Rocky band going

And if you also plan to get your first pull-up or muscle-up, or even your first step towards fitness, go to Instagram and check out the videos in CrossFitGames. Inspiration from around the globe – from kids as young as 8 to elders as cool as 80. The community will not let you down.


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